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Roxanne Chaput | Daddy Issues, Abuse, & the 4 Near Death Experiences that Lead to Healing | S5 E90

May 20, 2022 David Pasqualone / Roxanne Chaput Season 1 Episode 90
Remarkable People Podcast
Roxanne Chaput | Daddy Issues, Abuse, & the 4 Near Death Experiences that Lead to Healing | S5 E90
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Sometimes in life we experience pain, loss, and trauma in a way that we don't realize the long-term impact it has on us, our mindset, and our future. That's exactly what happened with this week's guest. A young lady who didn't realize the impact divorce had on her family, and on her life. Then, as she got older and into her teenage years, she started seeing the symptoms of a deeper problem. After an unloving and abusive relationship, 9 years of heartache and pain, and four near-death experiences, she finally found her balance and healing. Watch or listen now to see how she did it, and you can too. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Roxanne Chaput story!



Roxanne is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life Coaching with Roxanne Chaput, she is a Life+Love Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer who guides individuals in transition to create lasting sustainable change in their lives.

Her purpose is to provide a safe and powerful place for her clients to discover the answers they need to move forward spiritually, energetically, personally with absolute purpose and clarity. Her guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness as this is the fuel for personal growth and self-mastery, which allows her clients to make positive changes, find their happiness and create a soul(filled) life. With proven tools and techniques, her clients are able to discover their Highest Selves, their truest desires and manifest the life of their dreams. In essence, her mission is to Guide, Heal, Love, Awaken, Inspire, Ignite Energetic Passion and Empower amazingness within one’s own self!





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Hello friends. Welcome to this. Week's remarkable episode of the podcast. Before I tell you who's today's guest is I just wonder, remind you how much we appreciate you. If you need anything, please reach out to our community. You can go through the website, you can go through social media, you can email me directly at me.

At And we will try to help you in any way we can hook you up with other experts that have been on the show, or maybe we know, and we just want to see you grow and thrive. So if you need anything, please just [00:01:00] ask also. If you want to share this show, you know, our episodes are evergreen, they're topical.

So if you see something that, you know, oh, my friend or my family member could really use this, don't be afraid to send it to them. That's your showing. You love them and you're there to help. So, At this time, this week's episode is about a young lady who didn't realize the impact divorce had on her family and on her life.

And then as she got older, her teenage years, she started seeing the symptoms of a deeper problem. And then she talks about how it led to a unloving abusive relationship. That she got three beautiful children now. But nine years of heartache and pain. And then after four near-death experiences, she finally found her balance and she found her healing and she [00:02:00] talks about how she did it.

And you can too. So ladies and gentlemen, get out your pen and paper in Western. Find a comfortable place to listen, or as you run or as you drive, whatever you're doing, but enjoy this episode of the remarkable people podcast, the rocks and shipped you story.

 Hey Roxanne, how are you today? I am fantastic. Just told our listeners about you. Let's jump into your story. Go through your past the present. We'll come up to the future.

Give us the highs, the lows, the everything between, how did God lead your life and make Roxanne who she is today. Sounds great. Sounds great. Sounds great. Awesome. So where were you born? India. Africa, America start, start off there, uh, in the universe. No, I'm kidding. I was born. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Um, my [00:03:00] father was in the air force, military Canadian air force military. So we were stationed at neuron, the neuron base in Colorado. So I was born there. Then when my mom left the relationship, the marriage, she came back to Canada. They were both Canadian and she came back to Canada to be with her family to help raise her children because she was a single mother of two children.

And my dad had to stay in Colorado to complete his, his T like his term. So, yeah, so I was born in Colorado, came to Canada. I live pretty close to Toronto, Ontario. I'm not sure if you're familiar, but it's about four hours away from Toronto. And started my life here. And yeah, I went through school and, you know, I always had this deep knowingness inside of me when I was a little girl that I was meant to have a significant impact on humanity.

I always had this intense light burning through just my body, my energy. Like I knew that I was meant to do something [00:04:00] great. I just didn't really understand the capacity or what that was going to look like as I got older. And I remember just questioning like all my family and my friends, like, do you have this burning feeling that you're, you know, you're being called to do something more, but you just can't explain it.

And all, they were like, no, like, I don't really know what that means. Like I know I'm going to be a doctor. Like I know that I want to do that. I'm like, well, that's incredible. But do you like have like this burning feeling that you're, you know, like you're, you're being called and nobody could really resonate with that feeling.

Actually throughout my entire life and, you know, go, you know, then I went into like teenage hood and having an absent father because he was in the military. He was stationed all over the world pretty much like through north America anyway. And yes, I ended up going through some really unhealthy relationships, just didn't have any self value and self worth of who I was.

And I couldn't resonate with anyone. I couldn't click with anyone and I'm a very deep conversationalist, I'm a very deep [00:05:00] thinker and I just never found someone that could kind of match me on that level, like odd enough. And yeah, so I went through all these terrible relationships and then I went through a very, very, very abusive, very toxic marriage.

And then I ended up leaving with my three beautiful children, starting my life over from scratch, then leave with anything from the marriage. I left him everything. I just wanted a clean kind of break. And yeah, I restarted my life. And then after I had left my marriage, I went through four near death experiences.

One, I had went over a cliff. Okay. Hold on one second. You just unpack the ton. Let's slow this down a bit. Okay. So first off, did you have any siblings let's to frame it up? Brothers. Sisters. What's your, what was your background like? Yes, I had one, um, full blood brother and then I had a half-brother and a half sister [00:06:00] from your dad's side of your mom's side?

Uh, the half were from my dad's side. Yeah. Okay. And then when all this was going on, How did the divorce affect you? Did it make it where you already are wired differently and that's not bad. I'm wired differently. And you're a growing up where you're totally normal, but people think you're not normal.

Cause they don't think like you and your parents go through a divorce. So how did that impact you and your siblings? Like, because you mentioned you going into toxic relationships, a toxic marriage. So obviously that had an impact, but let's focus and zoom in on the childhood. What were the things. You were struggling with that came from that.

Yeah. Funny enough when I was a small child, I can, it didn't affect me. Like, yes, I miss my father. And like I wanted my father around because every little girl on every child wants their father around. Um, so it didn't really like severely impact me when I was a child. There was only a few things, like a few incidents that [00:07:00] happened at the beginning of the, like of my childhood from, I'd say from about age four, till about nine, where my dad would tell us, you would show up and he would be nowhere to be found.

I mean, we'd be sitting out in the rain, waiting for him and our heart's just broken that he just didn't show up. And he was already in another relationship and he wasn't married at the time with this partner. So we just kind of felt left out. In that regard. We felt a little bit abandoned and my brother took it a lot.

Like harder than I did. He had a really hard time with, I think, as a boy, you always want your father's approval and your, and your father's love, and that's pretty much their role model growing up. So that was really challenging for him and for me to see him to witness what he was going through. But I want to say that it was a little bit later in life where it started impacting me on a deeper level is when or an unconscious level, I don't want to correct you, but it was probably affecting you.

And your realize affects everybody. When people say, oh, divorce is fine, kids are resilient. I want to [00:08:00] punch them in the face. That's a freaking lie from Satan. Kids do adapt, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt them and set them up for failure in life. So what you're saying is you weren't having a conscious effect as a child other than the disappointment, and then the love you had for your day.

Yeah, but it started manifesting in your teenage years. Well, it started manifesting when I was a little girl, it just didn't impact me because I didn't really know much more than my father not being around because my, I was so young when my mom came to Canada. So I didn't ever really experienced my dad being in my life.

So to me it was normal. Like to not have him around, if that makes sense. Oh, totally. I didn't grow up with my father. My mom and dad weren't married. They, my dad was never, he never even, he told me once in sixth grade, cause he was legally forced to, and then I didn't see him again till I was in my twenties.

So I I'm tracking with you there. And so many of our listeners sadly are too. Yeah, exactly. And so it was just when he would say that he was showing up, it was like that excitement building up like, oh my goodness, I'm going to see my dad. And I was [00:09:00] so proud of him. Right. Because he was in the military. He was like this big statute, man.

Like I was just so proud to have him as my dad. So like, it was just like such that disappointment when he wouldn't show up. But I was such a positive little girl, like I've always been positive my entire life, so I would just flip it and spin it and I would deal with it. And then I would be like, okay, like, I still love them.

You know? Like it's just what it is. And there was always a reasoning why he didn't show up even now, like as a child, you don't really fully understand that because you're, you know, like we're functioning and we're calibrating ourselves on our emotions and not on the logical sense, like our brain development isn't there yet.

And, you know, going into teenage years, um, I was about 12 and then he got remarried and then he was living back out in Colorado. He got stationed back out there. And he had a family with his new wife and not mine. It started triggering a lot of emotions because it was like almost like he abandoned us to create this new family.

Right. Like it was just like that stealing, even though it wasn't [00:10:00] intentional on his part, he was just trying to move forward. And this is life. It didn't feel that way as a child. And that's the more challenging part that I had to contend with. And I had to kind of take a lot of time to embrace that and embrace my siblings.

Like as soon as they were born, I love them to death, but it was just like that whole process of getting there, um, to be able to accept that if that makes any sense. So then no, it makes total sense, complete sense. So, but now, you know, they say a lot of times what men and women, like you mentioned a great point.

Your brother had a different reaction because how men look to their father and how women look to their father are different, both important, but different. And now you're in your teenage years. And now you don't have that father in your life every day. So now you're, I assume I don't want to use a term that's like overused, but you're looking for love, I guess.

And you're looking for that acceptance. Is that what happened in your teen years? Yeah, I was just seeking acceptance and I just, and I had a great stepfather. Like [00:11:00] I wanna, I wanna pre-phase that, that I had a great stepfather since the age of five and he's an incredible man. And to me, that is my father.

Like he is. Just an incredible human being. So I was very fortunate in that way that my mom found someone so great. And like, like so lovable and like S like such a great strong character for me and my brother. However, that doesn't replace the fact that you don't have your biological father in your life, right.

There's always going to be that paternal attachment or the maternal attachment, depending on which parent isn't a part of your life. And you're going into teenage years. My first relationship, it was just like, I was just willing to accept anything to feel loved by a man and almost look for that father figure, right?

Like the whole daddy issue thing is very prevalent. It's very true. And I was just looking for that comfortability and with seeking qualities that my father had in these, in these, you know, in these partners and in, you know, which was totally the wrong thing to do, but I needed to [00:12:00] go through it in order to understand that.

You know, I do have value and I do have worth, and I do love myself, but it took a lot of that inner work and that, you know, self-mastery journey in order to discover that, like, that took a lot of shitty relationships and a shitty marriage to figure that out. And then after high school, do you go to college?

Do you go to university? Do you go right into career? Do you meet this guy? Was he another military guy? What was that like? How did you meet your. Yeah, my ex-husband. So when I, I was done post-secondary so I went, I have a diploma and everything else, and I started working and I had met him and he did have character traits of my dad.

Like he did remind me a little bit of him. He liked the aggressiveness and just the way, like he presented himself, but then had other aspects that were completely worse than my dad. But I didn't really see that at first it was, it was more of a gradual, you know, it happened in small increments. Like the unhealthy relationship really started an unhealthy, [00:13:00] like, it was like, I knew that I shouldn't have been there from day one yet.

I was hanging on hoping that I could change him and that I can, you know, just throw all this love at him and make him realize that he doesn't have to be the way that he is. It was kind of like that ideology, you know, but I never really loved him because I didn't even love myself. And I didn't even know what love was.

Yeah. And for people listening, what Roxanne went through, what many of us have gone through. And you correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you were trying to heal him or fix him because you didn't have control of fixing or healing your dad. So there was some kind of connection. We're wired like that as humans to want the love of our parents, of our father, of our mother, you know?

And then when you didn't have it, you saw in him, you're like, well, I couldn't fix my dad, but maybe I can fix him. Is that kinda what you're feeling? Looking back now? Yeah, I think so. And I think, you know, being an energy healer and working in that realm, like for me, it's really important. Like I [00:14:00] believe the good in everyone.

I believe everyone has good despite you know, their bad or their bad qualities that they show the world. I believe that everybody has good in them and that was a fault of mine. And that's what I wanted to believe in my father. And that's what I wanted to believe in any partner that I met was that I was powerful enough to change them.

And that is not the case. We are not in control of their power. We are not in control of the change that they need to make. And that was a very hard realization. Yeah. I told him I'm not laughing at your situation, because like I said, this is a deep, I'm trying to keep a deep pain lighter. And so many people listening.

Now we have listeners from over 93 countries. So it doesn't matter if you're Canadian American. If you're from Korea, if you're from any country, humans are humans. But I was just telling someone this last week, I said, even Darth Vader had a good side. I said, the problem is this. Isn't a George Lucas script.

And not everybody turns at the end. You know, we gotta be really careful with where we put our, our emotions and time and [00:15:00] love and efforts. So you meet this gentleman. It turns out to be, you know, a rough marriage. And, but you said you got three beautiful children out of it. So how long did that relationship last?

And where did life go from there? Yeah. So last at about nine years, we were together nine years married for, I think 2011. Yeah. So we were married like a little bit less than five years and I just, like, I never really wanted to be with them. It was more like you said, like it was a fixed it project. I never loved him.

I never looked at him and been like, all he's such a great man. He's so good to me. I was like, how can I fix him? How can I help him be a better person? And like, you know, like love himself and all these things, like that's, that was the goal. And I really didn't even want to be with him at the beginning. I had left him.

Then I found out I was pregnant. So I ended up wanting to make a relationship work because I didn't want my child to come from a broken family. Like I did, because I didn't want them to [00:16:00] have, uh, an upset father. And that's it mother. So it was almost like that's what kind of hugged me. Like probably the only reason why I hung in there as long as I did was because of my.

Yeah. And that's a common, legitimate, noble thing to do. I mean, you're going above and beyond despite the faint pain, I'm sure you were experiencing and feeling and you're doing it. Okay. Let's fix this for the kids, the family, they didn't cause this, they did nothing to deserve this. Let's get it done for them.

So let me ask you a question, the type, and you go as deep or shallow as you want with this physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and fidelity. What was going on in that marriage? A lot of emotional, um, verbal, some physical, not sexual, nothing of that nature. He was very aggressive, very timid. Like he was very intimidating.

I'm a small, like, I'm not very big girl, so I'm like, I can handle my own, but it's just when someone's barking in your [00:17:00] face and they're screaming at you and foams coming out of their mouth, like it's pretty scary. Yeah. Yeah. And was he having affairs or was he staying, staying loyal at least in that aspect, but just being brutal?

Honestly, I can't, I can't, you know, I've had suspicions and I've found things, but I can never fully confirm anything. So I don't want to say something that isn't true. Um, but I definitely had the suspicions. Like he was always gone. He was never around. Yeah. And was in, forgive me. Was he military or what did he do for a career?

No, he wasn't. Who has an unfair, he was self-employed. Okay. Okay. So now when all this is going on, you're hurting and you, now you have three kids on, like you said, You didn't want any money, you just left to have peace and to find that balance again, where does your yeah, I was leaving in secret. Like it was something that was being planned for a long time.

Cause I was, like I said, I was fearful. I was scared and I wanted to make sure that I had a safe exit for my children and for [00:18:00] myself. Um, but it didn't ended up working out that way. He ended up discovering that I was leaving and uh, it went in a completely opposite direction than I thought it was going to.

He was very remorseful, very sad still to this day, he still hangs on to how he treated me. Like he understands that what he did was wrong. And he said that he was gonna carry that to his grave because it's just the way he felt. He, you know, he told me he, I was his angel and I helped them through so much and that he can't believe that he did the things that he did to me.

So he had his own reckoning. He had his own awakening period of, you know, you can't mistreat people the way that you do. That's something that he needs to contend with at the end of the day, you know, and that's something I'm allowing him to, and I'm forgiving of everything that's happen because it's not my anger.

It's not my frustration. It's not, it's not my animosity to hold onto. That's something that's a self-reflection of him. Now, is it a relationship? You said you never loved them. It was a fix it project, but is this [00:19:00] something where you guys are still communicating and there might be hope to get back together?

Or is it, you know, is he involved in the kids' lives? Where's this phase of your life? Yeah, so we have, actually, we are really good co-parents we have a neck ability and like he's very civil, took a long time to get there. Mind you, it wasn't something that happened overnight. I mean, we've been separated for almost over five years now and it took about three years to get there.

So it was challenging for three years. Um, but yes, he's always remained a part of my children's life. The children do mean a lot to him. They're huge significance in his life. So that was really great. Um, no, we will never, ever, I will never ever put myself in a situation like that. Again, I'm not laughing at you.

I was, I was thinking two thoughts. Like you're like, no, which is clearly understandable. And then I was actually thinking, ah, don't say never, ever, ever every time somebody says that it's like, I will never go to India as a missionary. And that's exactly where they ended up getting called. So you don't plan on it, right?[00:20:00] 

Yeah. I, I met the love of my life and I am super happy and we're about to get married and okay, well, let's pick up from there. So you have a lot of emotional baggage damage, hurt, pain, nothing, you know, when you were a child that you caused, but then trying to fix it, it comes into your life and manifest again in your marriage.

And then you guys, you know, you get divorced, where's Roxanne go from there. And how do you find the healing? Yeah. So after I left about, I want to say within two years I had experienced four near death experiences, and this is kind of where the awakening period in the self-mastery journey kind of really started taking place and my healing.

And when I went over the cliff, we went over a 90 foot cliff and we went 50 feet airborne onto a frozen lake, and they couldn't believe that we had survived. And the only thing that wasn't damaged in the entire wreck was myself and the driver and my angel. I had a crystal angel, my rear view mirror. And that was the only thing that wasn't.[00:21:00] 

Damaged throughout the entire accident. It was just the two of us think, goodness. And as this was happening, my whole, obviously my whole life flash before my eyes, I saw my children. I saw that it wasn't living in alignment and I'm a very positive, very bubbly person. Like I'm a very calm person. So for me to not feel an alignment, that means I had to do a significant change.

And I knew that I knew that I wasn't living my purpose. And that's when I started. Embarking on my self mastery journey. That's when I started asking the deeper questions, you know, questioning my faith, questioning my belief system, questioning my core, my core beliefs, questioning everything that Hein kind of had built the character of who I was.

And it wasn't truly me, or was it something that was created for me? So that was, you know, it was like pretty much destroying the entire house and the foundation and recreating an entirely new foundation and building from a great [00:22:00] foundation opposed to something that I didn't firmly believe in. Well, let's talk about that.

So again, it breaks my heart that so many families are broken and there's so many people deeply hurting at the expense of others. You know, everybody has responsibilities in their own relationships, but a lot of times it truly is someone else's doing. What did you do Roxanne to start the healing? Like obviously every situation's different, but what were the practical steps that you took to start your journey of healing?

So our listeners that are, it's just echoing and they're connecting with you on this level, how would you recommend they start their healing journey? And we still have three other near death experiences that we should probably discuss. So how are you see to tie that in? Let's make sure we hit all that.

Um, so I'd say like the first part after cliff, the cliff diving, [00:23:00] being the duke, the hazard after that event, uh, no cliff diving with a car. That's a new sport. ESPN. The survive though. Just survived. I'm not no. Oh, um, yeah, I'd have to honestly say that after experiencing that, it really allowed me to start questioning who I was.

Why was I always saying yes to the things that I truly desire to say no to? Why was I always trying to please. You know, those that I love around me posted pleasing myself. Like where was my joy? Where was I? Like, who am I? Who am I without, you know, my children without my job. Like, I started questioning that entire process, the entire essence of who I was.

And I didn't stop there and everything that I didn't have answers to. I like I seek mentors, I read books, I did all those things to attain and gain knowledge. However, none of those things, as much as they built incredible tools for me and, you know, we have, we're able to have, you know, like this incredible [00:24:00] aspect of us to be able to, you know, help with the coping mechanisms and all these aspects, nothing actually felt like it was healing the aspects of my soul that needed to heal.

And I went on this forgiveness journey of being able to forgive my father, forgive, whoever I felt had kind of wronged me throughout my life and understanding that they are also human beings, having a human experience in this world and that we are divine beings and that we are divine creatures. And what comes with divinity is that we are all going to make mistakes and we should not be judged for our mistakes because we are not the judges of someone else's life.

So I didn't want to carry their weight with me anymore. I didn't want to carry, you know, the issues that they had and then allow it to be a reflection or allow it to define me as a human being. I didn't want that to be weighing on my soul because as you know, holding on to anger and, you know, frustration, resentment, guilt, all of these, you know, negative [00:25:00] feelings of hatred, it gets us absolutely nowhere.

And the only thing that causes us mental health illness, or illness within our body. So that to me just was a non-negotiable for me to go down that route. So it was very important for me to start forgiving those who I felt had steered me wrong or had guided me wrong throughout my journey. Well, let's focus on that cause that's something that's massive and there's a difference between forgiving someone who's truly repentant and forgiving someone who's a complete, almost set, a bad word, but you know what I mean, a complete jerk.

Yeah. And then there's forgiving someone who's deceased because all three are processes. So let's deal with the living, whether the repentant or not, what are some steps that you recommend to your friends and your clients and people you come in contact with to help them really let go and forgive. That's something that's incredibly hard for me.

And so many people out there, [00:26:00] and a lot of people who are deep feelers and lovers, the more you love, the greater, the love, the greater, the pain when bad things happen. So how do you help those people dig out of that emotional hole? Because like you said, they get emotionally sick, they get physically sick.

Their whole life becomes toxic. How do you like. I think when it comes to someone that is living is to realize that if you made that same mistake, would you want to be judged for the rest of your life or have those feelings of animosity by someone else for maybe one or, you know, 10 or 20 mistakes that you made throughout your entire life's journey?

Would you want to be crucified for that? You know what I mean? I put myself in the other person's shoes and the other person's perspective, maybe they didn't receive the love that we've received. Maybe they didn't receive the support that we receive. There's always a reason why someone conducts themselves the way that they do, regardless of the way we think, or we feel that it does.

It absolutely does. They are also built on a foundation. And how was their foundation built? What [00:27:00] were, what were the, what tools were they given? You know, like what support systems were they given? Like these are the things that I would question. And when I'm working with my clients, I ask them to question those things.

And if they were to make the same mistake to their child, that their parents made, would they want to be. And would they want their child to hold onto the animosity and would they want their child to hate them? I think it's just about seeing it from a different perspective and not just thinking of it and not in a selfish way, but thinking of it, just of our feelings alone and our own thoughts alone, it's not just one person.

Right. There's another being in this scenario. So I think it's just being able to look at it from all different perspectives instead of just one perspective. Okay, let me do this devil's advocate. Cause I agree with everything you Roxanne, I agree with everything you just said, Roxanne, but there's the people who are dealing with narcissists and people are just truly abusive and yes, there's a reason everybody does what they do for a reason, [00:28:00] but yet that doesn't give them an excuse for what they do.

So if someone's in a toxic relationship and this person is continuously abusing them and hurting them, how do you forgive? Or even if you separate, let's say a husband and wife, so they set up. But now you look at the destruction. This is caused your, your life and your family's life. And the other person is just moving on happy as a Lark, seemingly no consequences.

How would you recommend your client forgive in that sense? Right. And I think that when we look at it from that perspective, I think it's fully understanding that, that person's never going to have a fulfilled, loving life as much as they may show it to be. Right. Because if we're, if they're not healing at the level that they need to be healing and when they're healing, they're taking accountability for their actions throughout their life.

So if they're moving forward in their life, like nothing happened, that's absolute bullshit because at, at the depth of their soul, they still haven't contended with their shadow. And they still haven't contended with the aspects of themselves that allow [00:29:00] them to act that way or to be that way. So for them to be happy and honky-dory, that's only going to be sustainable for so long until it's not right.

So I think when we think of it from that aspect, And it, when we talk about forgiveness, forgiveness, isn't just both forgiving that person forgiveness is about forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to understand that you also enable the behavior to be in that relationship, just like I did. Right? Like I enabled it to happen.

I allowed it to happen. And as much as we say that we didn't, we did. And if we can't say that we did, then there's a part of ourselves that we haven't healed to understand that we also had a role to play in, in the marriage or in the relationship. We have a power, we have the control. We have a choice in order to stay somewhere or not.

And sometimes, you know, when you're in an abusive relationship, yet it can be very touchy, but there are safety plans. There are. There are places where women can go or where men can go to be safe. Like there's, there's never not a solution. There's [00:30:00] always a solution. So I think when we're talking about forgiveness, it's about forgiving yourself for allowing those things to happen and for devaluing yourself and for not loving yourself, the way that you should have.

And now it becomes a journey about yourself. Like if there's no point of giving this person the power over your journey, because when we're holding onto that, we're allowing them to maintain that power over our life. And is that what you want for your life? Because you'll never be free that way. Well said.

And now steps to freedom to emerge from that you're saying acknowledge, you know, acknowledge your role in this. Yeah. Acknowledge the reality of what happened. Not that it makes it right, but kind of acceptance, I guess I would say it acknowledges what. Acceptance. What other practical steps is there? Like, do you believe in journaling?

Do you believe in calibration? I mean, what do you believe to get somebody out of that? Yeah. And I want to really speak to that. Is [00:31:00] that someone else's actions is not, you know, it's not like it's not nothing. You know what I mean? Like someone to conduct abuse on someone else is not nothing. It shouldn't just, you know, be forgotten or not talked about like, absolutely not.

What I'm saying is that just don't revolve your life entire, you know, around this entire thing and allow it to define you and allow it to define your character so that you can't actually break free of that. And a way to break free of that is to acknowledge, to take the accountability that this is your journey and not their journey.

So are you going to hand them the power stick? Are you going to take the power, stick yourself and lead your own life? So this is where it comes know. Somebody else's actions that doesn't make it right to mistreat anyone. Like there's nothing that approves that it's about being able to let it go so that you can actually live your life in fulfillment and not have this knowing at the back and always resurfacing and recycling throughout your life.

So I just wanted to kind of touch on that. No, that's fantastic. That's what this is [00:32:00] all about. So, okay. So now you get out of the marriage. Where does your life go from there? Because I'm sure it wasn't easy. Like, oh, we filed these papers now. Everything's good. You got three kids to deal with. And ex husband, you know, talk, bring us between that moment and.

Yeah. So, you know, near death experiences, leaving that marriage with obviously if the hardship right financially, was I able to sustain myself with that able to make it was able to raise three children on my own with a, I always knew I had a strength in me that I could, but it now it was being put to the test and it was, you know, I had to prove myself.

I had to prove that I could do it. And I did. And after, you know, you know, a rough year of finances, you know, rebuilding my life, re buying everything for the house, like, you know, it's, it's not easy. It's not an easy option, but was it the best option? Absolutely. Yes, but I do it all over again. Hell yes. You know what I mean?

Like there is. There was no way that I would stay somewhere ever again for that amount [00:33:00] of time, nothing would ever make that worth it. Life is so short and our time is so precious. And after that year, it was just like, it was just a continuous self-mastery journey. It was just an incredible journey. And then I was being called to my shamanic healing roots, and I knew that I was meant to heal others when I went through my own healing journey.

And I knew that this was, this was my calling. This is what I was meant to do. This is what I was being called to do since I was a little girl. And when all these things started happening and aligning and they needed all these things needed to happen for me to be able to align vibrationally to what I needed to be doing.

And when all of these incredible things started happening, I knew that every decision that I had made throughout my life was intentional and that I needed to make them in order to build the woman that I am. And I know that I needed to go through the fire in order to be the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.

So talk about that. When did. And how did you realize this was your plan [00:34:00] and your purpose? Yeah. So I had had a dream for almost four months straight. So I'm indigenous I'm matey. So I'm French and native. Um, that's the culture here in Canada. So I am 80 and I was receiving a dream for almost four months straight of this beautiful indigenous woman who felt like a grandmother to me.

And she was standing by this Ravina and there was teepees beside her and she had her arms extended to me and she kept hemming this incredible song to me. And it was like a healing melody, and I felt such a peace and had such a tranquility and it felt so serene just being. In her presence and it felt like she was asking me to come to the land.

Like she was calling me to the land and I couldn't fully grasp my dream. I didn't fully comprehend it. And when I went and saw one of my elders in our culture and our matey culture, he had told me that she was calling me to the land to come and heal. Like she was coming. Like [00:35:00] it was time to calm and it was time to come and heal.

And I was like, well, come and heal. What, like, what am I supposed to be doing? Where am I going? And she'll come to you, you'll get the vision and you'll know where to go. And then I spoke with another spiritual mentor. And she said, yeah, like she's calling you to the land and she's calling you to come and heal and be a shaman you're you're meant to be a showman.

And I was like, oh, okay. Like, okay. Like, I guess like maybe, and then the last dream that I had had, um, the night before I went on this incredible healing journey is that she had came to me. My dream, the same ham had happened. And I was, I was hemming the song and my elder was like, oh, that's a traditional healing song, but it's almost like she geared it toward you.

Like there's, it's not exactly the same thing. It's, it's a little bit softer. And I was like, okay, like, wow, that's incredible. Okay. Like I thought maybe I was hearing it somewhere else. Like I was, shouldn't say I'm being everything. Where am I getting this him from? And, uh, so when he told me that it just made a [00:36:00] lot of sense.

And then the next morning I had woken up the last night that I had the dream and I had told my now partner, I said, listen, I said, I'm being called to the land. I need to go and heal. And I know exactly where I need to go and it's pouring rain outside and I'm going into the forest. And he was like, oh, you're going into forest by yourself.

And I'm like, it's a two and a half hour drive. And literally the entire drive there, I was just crying and crying and crying. And I haven't cried in years. Like I wasn't able to, as almost like I was desensitized, like I just had this emotional block that I wasn't able to was like, I was holding this dagger in my heart.

And if I released the dagger, then I wouldn't be as strong as I am. I was like that kind of feeling. Yeah. That happens with severe trauma. Yeah. Yeah. So then I was just crying and crying for two and a half hours on the entire drive there, which, I mean, probably wasn't they of all driving, but I was crying my eyes out.

And then I just felt like I was reconnecting to my soul. I felt like I was finally connecting to myself [00:37:00] again, connecting to my emotions. Like I was becoming alive again. And I was finding myself and I got to the land and it was about 20, about 15 to 20 minute track to get inside where I was going to, the healing grounds is ancient, traditional healing, like indigenous healing grounds.

And I get to this beautiful healing rock and I do smudging ceremonies. So in our culture, we do a lot of smudging. It's like clearing of energy and so forth. And I was doing, you had a background in this. It wasn't like all a hundred percent knew you had some background and you were taught through your people through your heritage of these.

Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause like you're talking about stuff and you're using phrasiology that myself and some of the listeners, we have no idea, like we're following the story, but we're not familiar with it in depth. So now you're talking about smudging and things. I'm like, well, I don't know what smudging is, but you do.

So this is something that you were telling. That's where I was getting. Okay. Yeah. So [00:38:00] that's my thing. Ceremonies literally like you light like a piece of herb, so it could be like Sage, it could be, Cedar could be, some people do Palo Santo, it could be tobacco. And you literally you're what you're doing is you're taking the smoke and you're, you're covering yourself in it essentially.

And you go into like, It's kind of like an increments. You do, like, you know, your top, you do your head, you do your heart, you do all of these things. And it's like a clearing of spirits, a clearing of energy. And a lot of people use it to clear their homes of kind of funky energy that's happening in the home.

It's just, it's just an ancient, traditional thing that we do in order to kind of, to rid of energy or to change our energy in that aspect. So I was doing the ceremony on the rock, a healing ceremony, um, which was the smudging. And I was just crying this entire time. And I'm on this Brock and there's trees all around me, but the rock is an enclosed.

Okay. So there's nothing like there's no enclosure over the rock and it's pouring rain, like I said, and there's rain [00:39:00] all around me. And the entire time that I was there, I was there for over four hours, not one drop of rain. Not one drop of rain hit me the entire time that I was in the forest. All of a sudden, a bunny, a deer, chipmunk, a hummingbird, like everything is coming out to amongst like, Hey, you know, with me on there as I'm smudging, it was just such an incredible thing.

And it was like, I reconnected myself to nature. I reconnected myself to my history, to my, like my ancestry, to my roots, to my soul. It was just such an incredible experience. I literally cried for probably over seven hours that day. Um, and then making up for lost time. Yeah. And then I knew that after that had happened, I wanted to put my theory to the test and see if I could do this for other people, other souls.

And so that's the journey that I embarked on. And then I knew I was in. Nice and define what a shaman is for people who aren't familiar. Yeah. So showman back in traditional, it's not [00:40:00] shamanism is not religion, so it has nothing to do with religious beliefs or anything. It's about connecting ourselves to our energy, to our spirit.

And shamanism really is about back in the old days, we were considered herbal doctors, energy doctors, healers at the communities of the tribal communities. So they were literally known as the doctors of the communities back. So yeah, I'd say about shamanism has been around for over a hundred thousand years and has been used through tribes throughout the world.

So it's not just something that's here in north America. Shamanism has been worldwide for that long. Okay. And then now you're discovering this and. You say, okay, this worked for me. Describe what you mean by work. Like after that day, what happened? How did your life change after that day? It was like, I had this knowingness of myself that I never known my entire life that I probably did when I was the baby.

But, [00:41:00] you know, you can't remember any of that. Like, you kind of know who you are when you're small. And then, like I said, like the conditionings, the conformity is all that tastes in place as we go through and we transgress through life. And I think that, you know, just having that and I knew who I was, I knew exactly what I was meant to do here on earth.

I knew that I was meant to have changed on, you know, humanity. It was just like an incredible feeling of knowingness, of peace, of inner peace that I probably sought after my entire life. However, just never knew how to attain it. And that would be the best way to describe it. Like this inner peace that.

Every thing on this planet is incredible and his energy and his life, and to respect it and to love it as it is, regardless of the mistakes that they make throughout their life, including animals, colluding, everything else. It was just like this massive amount of love that came over me. And [00:42:00] now I'm just not able to see anything other than that, it just changed me in a completely different way.

I can't fully explain the words. Oh yeah. Also, I think it's safe to say that all of your life experiences and the journey God brought you on it. Wasn't that smudging was the miracle. It's just everything converged on that moment in your life. And that was like the, the release, I guess, for you to let go and forgive and move on.

Is that correct? Yeah. And when I had that realization that I was being called to the land to heal, I knew exactly at that point that okay. I just need to submit and just allow it to happen because a lot of us create resistance around our healing process. We still have, you know, this conditioning that you know, that we're okay and that we've healed all these aspects of ourselves because we went through counseling, we read self-help books, we Google things.

We talked to friends, however, when we're not healing at a soul leader level, and we're not healing the layer of our energy because we're a four level being layered in [00:43:00] four levels. Right. We have our mind, we have our mental health, we have our physical health. We have our emotional health and we have our spiritual health, right.

Our energy. So when we're not healing this aspect of ourselves, we can feel that we're great, but we still don't have that inner peace that we're seeking. We still don't have that inner knowingness that we do have something to give and offer to the world and that we can actually love ourselves while we do that.

Yeah. And as people who are listening from all over the world have different backgrounds and different worldviews. I come at life from a Christian worldview. I believe the Bible. I believe that was God, the father, God, the son Jesus, and the holy ghost. This actually God, the father, the holy ghost, and then Jesus.

Right. But you have that says you have an unction from the holy one and you know, all things. So sometimes it's not even something we learned, but God just puts a guidance inside of us. And that's kind of sounds like what you're discussing. But then beyond that, I know [00:44:00] friends, I guess in America we call it native American.

That's what you're talking about. Yes. So what we call American Indians or native Americans, my friends who are native American, they really do have a gift set and this, I don't understand it fully, even what you're talking about. I believe it. I just don't fully understand it. I know God created everything.

Everything works together. If it's truth, it's God, but I know my friends who have that native American heritage. They do have this, I guess, higher level gift or ability when it comes to knowing and emotions and spiritual things, it really is. It's cool to me, sometimes it's scary to watch. I'm like, oh, how the heck did that happen?

But, um, I think there's something that God put us differently. Everybody has different gifts. So for you, that heritage just God used to unlock in you [00:45:00] and bring you on this journey. So you have this journey, you're feeling freedom. Bring us in your life from there to today and talk about the next three near death experience.

Right. So after that I knew that I was just so that hadn't happened after the last three near-death experiences. Just so put it in to context for timeline, but the three near death experiences before that, that led up to that kind of healing journey is that I started hemorrhaging for my uterus on three different occasions where they couldn't figure out what was happening.

And I had, well, I was like, I almost died all three times and I wasn't sure that I was going to make it all three times. And this hemorrhaging had happened within six months of each other. So I literally nearly died three different times until one doctor was able to rectify the issue with a surgery. So, yeah, that was absolutely scary.

So that was kind of. Was that stress-related was that related to the accident you had going off a cliff? Was that just [00:46:00] purely genetic or freak thing? Like how did that, it was just a freak thing. Yeah. It was just a freak thing. They had never seen anything of that caliber before. So it took a lot of doctors to figure out what was really happening.

Um, so yeah, that was really scary so that, you know, like going through those three news hour experiences really allowed me to go even further into my awakening and further realizing my mission and like what I was supposed to be doing with my life. And that's when I decided to start my own business, um, stopped doing what I was conditioned to do work the nine to five, get the pension and feel unfulfilled every day of your life.

So I kinda knew that I was, I needed to shift and I needed to change that dynamic throughout my life. So that's kind of what happened before the healing journey kind of occurred. And then after the healing journey, Literally in my life has been so incredible, like the abundance that's coming to me on so many levels, just because I allowed my shock Rez.

I allowed my energy to be open and I allowed my vibration [00:47:00] to be open, to be able to receive incredible things. Because before I was creating resistance, not even knowing that I was creating this resistance to not attain and to not acquire the things that I truly desired for my life. Talk about energy and vibrations, because a lot of people, they hear that in their immediately shut off.

They're wanting to shut this podcast off. They're scared. People are scared, but no seriously, people are scared by what they don't understand. They're coming at this from a conservative Christian background. And there's nothing wrong with that, but they don't understand something. And I believe in energy, I believe God is energy.

I believe that, you know, we are all made of energy so I can tie it to scripture and verse. And it makes sense to me. The older I get, the more I understand, like some people call it the law of attraction or they, you know, vibration or they call it the secret. You know, they, there's all these different versions of it.

Sorry. I just like to know that one is like, you know, you can take anything a little too far. We have to keep it in balance. [00:48:00] So, uh, you know, if I'm, uh, I'm going to think I'm a duck and I'll be a duck. No, that's not how it works. You're a man, you're a woman you're born a certain way. So when it comes to energy and vibrations, there is a legit, like, you know, you reap what you sow and like attracts like, and if you're thinking negative, negative will come.

If you're thinking positive, positive will come, people hear these terms all different ways, but it's like anything else? It's the same foundation. So describe energy and explained by. Yeah, so energy, we all have energy that is within us. That's the fourth layer of our being. We are energetic beings. We have energetic, uh, cells.

We have energy like that produce cells. So, you know, we have little organisms that produce cells, just like our shock rants, right. We have energetic chakras within our body that produces energy. And when we meet someone energetically, we know if we like that person or not, that's part of our, our intuition, right?

It's not something that you have to think about. It's [00:49:00] energetically. You feel the vibration. If you walk into a room, you energetically feel the tension in the room, or you feel the excitement or you feel the happy. Right. Emotion is energy. We exude the energy when we're feeling a certain emotion. So we are all energy plants or energy trees or energy.

Every living creature is energy, the sun, that's why it's called energy. Right? Like we get energy from the sun. Like, that's why it's called energy because it gives us energy just because we don't see it. Doesn't not make it energy. Just like we don't see, you know, ourselves, like our cellular phones. We don't see, you know, what it's transmitting yet.

We know that we're getting radio waves or we're getting, you know, those frequencies happening to our mind or to our body. Yeah. And like you were saying, we've all been in a room where somebody has walked in. It's either lit up or been URI. I mean, people exude a signal. Yeah. Energy, a signal, and it makes a huge impact.

So when you talk about the vibrations, [00:50:00] that's kind of like, if you're listening, it's like a radio. It's, you know, you can listen to all different stations just by turn that crank or pushing the button. One, one point. Yeah. And vibrations is our frequency, right? When we're vibrating at a certain frequency, then we're going to attract a certain frequency.

So when we talk about the laws of attraction, which I do fully believe in, and I think that it it's a universal law, like it's scientific. We think about the universal laws. It's not, I feel a lot of people are misled with the laws of attraction. It's not just the law of attraction. It's not just the secret that needs to transpire in order for you to have the vibration and for you to be able to acquire and receive whatever you're asking from the universe or from God, or for higher source, however, you know, whatever.

Belief system you have with any you. And I think that when we're talking about the laws of attraction, it's important to understand that there's 12 universal laws and all those universal laws need to be working in conjunction in order for the law of attraction to work efficiently. So you have [00:51:00] the law of vibration.

You have the law of correspondence, you have the law of action. There's two, there's 12 different laws that go into the law of attraction in order for you to be able to receive what you're asking, like what you're really asking from the universe. So when we're using these guiding principles and we're using these universal laws in order to attract the right things to our life, it's important that our vibration.

Is where we're able to receive it so that we can receive the reciprocity and that we are not creating the resistance because everyone's like, you know, I hear a lot of people like, oh, well I asked for this, but it came this way and it's like a terrible way. And I like, I really don't want to like that.

Well, that's something that you created, you created the resistance and when you requested for it, and you may not consciously know that you created that resistance, but subconsciously your vibration, the correspondence, the action, all these other laws, weren't in alignment with the law of attraction in order for you to receive it, the exact way that you asked for it.

So that's [00:52:00] when I talk about energy and you know, like our, our vibration, we are vibrational beings. We, you know, we, we send out frequencies, we send out energy, we are living beings. We are leaving. Like we're living creatures. We're interconnected. Yeah. Yes. And there's a lot that goes into it. So I didn't expect you to explain it all in like 30 seconds, but for people who don't understand that concept, you know, when you close your eyes, there's a lot more to us in the physical and Aternity, you know, the laws of thermodynamics are on the Bible.

And one of the laws is energy can be neither created or destroyed. You know, God made us all from, from the foundation. We don't understand it. We never will until we're an attorney. Right. But when we're done with this life, it's just a short period of time. And then we move on to eternity and I want to be with the Lord for eternity.

You know what I mean? I don't want to be in hell twin torment or in the lake of fire. Right. So [00:53:00] when you're talking about energy, if people are listening, like what is she talking about? Really read your Bible. And when you're going through the Bible, look at the things that Jesus said specifically. And you know, if we're positive and if we are.

Thinking a certain way, those things are attracted to us and you can find that throughout the Bible. Um, but again, that doesn't mean I am going to be a millionaire. I am going to be a millionaire and then boom, it happens. It really can, but like Roxanna saying you have to have everything in alignment. So if you have a perfect liver and a perfect kidney in a perfect heart, You know, your spine starts acting up your whole body deteriorates, or it can have real issues.

So I appreciate you talking about that. I don't mean to put you on the spot and explain it all, but it really is important to people like we're S I personally think our flesh is the least of anything. I mean, it's like we give it the most focus and attention [00:54:00] on our society today in books and in, you know, oh, let's work out and let's do this.

Let's do that. But at the end of the day, the physical is the least, and it's the most temporal, but the stuff that matters is our soul and people ignore it. So you're kind of focusing your career and purpose on that. Yeah. And I think our physical is just our vessel, right? And our vessel will age and our vessel will go through things.

And I think that that's the superficial layer of our being. And when we're focusing on the superficial layer of our being, we're never actually affecting healing in the area that we need to be healing. And that is in the soulful level. We need to be healing at the soul and not healing at the physical capacity and allowing our physical, being to predict who we are as a being.

And I feel like with today's world, there's so much pressure and there's so much, you know, conversation and everything is judgment on someone's physical being physical shell when we're not actually looking at what their soul has to offer. And I think that we're very misguided in that direction. [00:55:00] Yes. A hundred percent.

And yes, we can go so deep into that conversation. I mean, I think any medical doctor, any counselor, anyone who practices in any field of human. There is a definitely a benefit to working out and to eating. Right. And it helps you align in every other way. All I think you and I are saying is that's actually the least important of them all.

Like if somebody goes to the gym and they get on a rock, hard body and they're huge and buff, that's cool, but man, what's your mind? Like, what's your soul? Like, you know, there's so much more to life and yeah. Who are you without the vessel? Yeah. Yeah. So I, I like to close my eyes sometimes even though I'm a weirdo, I would just try to like talk to people, like, especially on the phone.

It's great because you don't have. Distraction of image. And I love doing business with people where weren't before [00:56:00] COVID and everything was zoom. I would hate sometimes to meet the vendors or, you know, to meet business contacts because the image you have of them is pure and then you see their physical and it really does distract.

It changes your opinion of them. And a lot of times, yeah, I agree. I agree. And I think that, you know, we're conditioned to think that way, right. And we're conditioned to feel that way is that we put a lot of merit on our physical being, opposed to what our soul has to offer and what our emotional being is.

All right. So between your birth and today, Roxanne, what did we miss? And if we haven't missed anything, let's transition to where's Roxanne today and where are you going? So we can help you. Yeah. So, yeah, I think I pretty much kinda touched on everything. I mean, there's a few things that I'm sure that no, is there something that you want to go?

Is there something you want to go deeper? And they like Dave, I know you're a community. This'll help them jump in. Yeah. Like I just, you know, I think about when we talk [00:57:00] about spirituality and we think about energy, like none of that has to do with religion and spirituality and religion are not the same thing.

Spirituality is, is contending with your own spirit, right? It has nothing to do with believing if you're in Christianity, if you're Catholic, if you're Muslim, anything of that nature, when I talk about spirituality is about connecting to your soul and connecting to your, your inner self. It has nothing to do with your higher power, your higher purpose, or your divine, you know, mother divine father.

It has nothing to do with that. So I just wanted to kind of. Clarify that a little bit, that you can be connected with your spirit and you can be connected with your soul and you can do soulful work and you can endeavor on a spiritual journey. And it doesn't mean it doesn't have to take you away from your religion.

Yeah. Sorry. I was just, you know, underneath the mic, that was an awkward pause. So, okay. Now you're living a life. You [00:58:00] said you're about to get married before we jump into where you're head in the future. What happened there? How did you meet this guy? What that what's that. Yeah. So actually funny enough, we met on Tinder.

I will make no judgment or comment. You keep that to yourself, 10 people in 93 countries. Um, but I was with someone for over nine years. Right. I was married, so I never, and I'm a single mom, like where am I supposed to go from being a single mom? So yes, I did the whole online thing and my sister introduced me to it.

And I was really skeptical at first. And I was like, you know what? I just need to be open to new opportunities and just allow things to happen if they're meant to happen. And if not, then I'll know rather quickly. And literally we met and I knew right away that he was the right person for me, that I was, he was the right partner for my life.

And, uh, yeah, it was just a beautiful love story from that point on. And then, yeah, it's so funny because. We had actually met [00:59:00] countless times, but we never knew like my son, like his son and my daughter were baptized side-by-side in the same church on the same day, like together, like we were both in the same church, just like really weird anomalies and really cool synchronicities and coincidences that kind of aligned us together.

So it was just kind of just made it more powerful. So yeah, I met an incredible person and he was a really, really great guy, so I'm super, super happy. Awesome. Excellent. So when you guys get married, you have a date set or, uh, we're looking to buy our home together and then, then we're going to plan. Nice.

Nice. Well, congratulations now, where is Roxanne today? And where's Roxanne headed. So right now I am really diving deep into my business and to the soulful side of my business. My mission today is to heal love and awaken others. Um, that is going to be my mission for a very, very long time. That is what I foresee.

I [01:00:00] know that I'm going to be extremely successful in the business as it has already kind of proven to be that way. So I'm super excited and super thrilled about that. Once I'm at an area where I am comfortable in building my entity and building my empire that I really foreseeing is that I want to open up.

It's kind of like a community. I want to start doing fundraising and open a foundation for communities, for children that are orphaned, um, in order to develop their inner gifts and to just have that support and love and guidance as they get older. And I really want this to affect millions of people. So I'm really looking to kind of do a massive outreach, um, which will, which is really what's weighing on my heart.

And that's what I'm feel like I'm being called and compelled to do also. Now, if someone wants to get ahold of your Roxanne, if they want to learn more, if they want coaching, if they want to get involved in your future ministry or, um, I [01:01:00] lost the word foundation foundation now, is it foundation? How can they reach you?

Do you have a website email? What's the best way. Social media. Yeah, they can connect with me through my and all my social media handles tech talk, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are all under that same name. Excellent. And I'll go ahead and put links to all that in the show notes and Roxanne.

I truly appreciate you being here today before we go again. Is there anything we missed in your story or how would you like to end the show? Is there a thought or an encouragement or something you want to leave with our listeners that if they're going to remember that. The whole episode was worth this moment.

Just the piece of wisdom that may seem so small or so huge. What would you like to leave the listeners with today? I just want to leave them with trust yourself, trust your instinct, trust your intuition, you know, [01:02:00] filings the noise and really focus on your inner peace and focus on yourself. And if something, if you feel that you have a desire kind of guiding you somewhere, or you feel like you're being attracted to go somewhere to do something, just do it, do it.

Excellent. Well, Roxanne, it's been a true honor to get to sit down with you and talk today. Thank you for being here to our listeners. Like every episode, all the knowledge in the world means nothing unless we apply it. So don't just listen to this great episode in the truth that Roxanne shared with you.

Do it each day. Repeat it. So you can have a great life in this world in an attorney to come. So I'm David Pascoe wound. This was Roxanne. Thank you for being on the remarkable people podcast. And if you need anything in the future, Roxanne, please let us know and to our listeners. Oh, anytime you're welcome.

And to our listeners, if you need anything, please reach out to Roxanne RI and keep listening to other episodes, not to [01:03:00] bump our podcast up, but so you can grow your life and help others chat.

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