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Colleen and Lauren Murphy | Processing Ambiguous Grief, Guilt, & Anger After a Catastrophic Brain Injury

May 11, 2022 David Pasqualone / Colleen and Lauren Murphy Season 4 Episode 421
Remarkable People Podcast
Colleen and Lauren Murphy | Processing Ambiguous Grief, Guilt, & Anger After a Catastrophic Brain Injury
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Show Notes

This week’s episode is unlike any other episode we’ve ever aired to date. Coleen is a wife, mother to seven, former  operations manager, author, motivational speaker, and more. Her whole life was turned upside down a few years back when her 25 year old daughter was hit by a car in freak Los Angeles traffic accident. After suffering major brain injuries and a brutal road to recovery, this mother and daughter duo inspire people to never give up, teach them how to deal with grief, guilt, and anger, and how to not only deal with life's hardships, but recover, grow, and prosper. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this weeks episode of the Remarkable People Podcast, the Colleen and Lauren Murphy story!



Colleen Murphy is a wife, mother of seven, author, and public speaker. In 2013, tragedy struck Colleen’s family when her second oldest daughter, Lauren, was hit by a car and suffered severe brain damage. Colleen’s main focus became helping piece Lauren back together again. With the help of specialists from all over the country, her family and friends, as well as her strong faith, she was able to do just that. Today, Colleen and Lauren speak together as a team, inspiring thousands of people by sharing the details of Lauren’s tragic accident, never-give-up attitude, and miraculous recovery. Colleen lives just outside of St. Louis, Missouri with her husband Dave. She spends her free time fielding countless phone calls from her children as they deal with the challenges of adulting and assisting her husband via FaceTime as he struggles to find things at the grocery store.





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Irish Catholic family, hit by a car, New York City marathon, brain damage, physical therapy, patience, OC

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